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Veterans Day

Over There!

This Memorial Day, we wanted to pay tribute to the Doughboys on the Western Front. Life in the trenches was abysmal.

In addition to being subjected to disease, malnutrition, and the terrible condition of the trenches, soldiers needed to remain constantly vigilant for artillery strikes, trench raids, snipers, and… gas attacks.

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Our Mission

The Eagle Field Foundation Mission is to continue military history & technology preservation, veteran appreciation, educational & related events, and activities for local communities.

The Foundation

Founded by a group of like-minded historians, engineers, mechanics and veterans, the Eagle Field Foundation - 501C3 Non-Profit - was established to provide a totally unique educational experience. Through our mobile, interactive environments and methodically curated displays, we are able to offer our guest’s the unique hands-on opportunity to see, touch, smell, and hear our vehicles, and artifacts while learning the stories of those who served in global conflicts from World War One to the Present Day.

We believe it is our responsibility to preserve the stories of service members past and present through the continued restoration and preservation of the artifacts and vehicles that played a critical part in those stories.

How We Do It

We’re taking a unique approach to historical preservation and education. Learn about our efforts and the key principles that drive our efforts and our passion.

Traveling Museum

We bring history to you!

Unlike "brick and mortar" museums, the Eagle Field Foundation functions as a traveling museum. Each year, our volunteers travel the West Coast setting up educational displays, curating interactive environments, putting on live demonstrations, and supporting a myriad of preservation projects and honor presentations. Our ability to remain adaptive and flexible enables us to share our restoration, preservation, and education efforts with tens of thousands of people each year. 


Our Core Principles

The Eagle Field Foundation bases its efforts on three core principles, Restoration, Preservation, and Education. These principles guide our outreach and education endeavors. 

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To restore the military hardware, vehicles, and equipment in our collection.

AIFV - Armored Infantry Fighting Vehicle. An EFF display vehicle.
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To meticulously preserve the stories of those who served, past and present.

EFF senior staff and Military guests - HR McMaster.
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To present the EFF collection in interactive and informative educational environments.

EFF volunteer educator in the M577  vehicle display.

Tip of the Spear

The Foundation focuses on preserving the stories, artifacts, equipment, and vehicles of those at the front. The scouts, raiders, pathfinders, special operations forces, tankers, aircrews, and medical personal who served in the toughest environments from World War One to the Present Day. These heroes - Men and Women alike - were at the Tip of the Spear.


Our Exhibits

Take a look at some of our previous offsite exhibits and plans for future interactive environments.


History and Resources

The Eagle Field Foundation maintains a collection of more than twenty-five wheeled, towed, and tracked vehicles as well as uniforms, weapons, equipment, and artifacts spanning World War One to the Present Day. We provide resources and educational programs for students, educators, and fellow historians around the world.


Learn more about the Foundation


Our Heroes

The stories of those at the “Tip of the Spear” are what drives us most. It’s their stories that bring artifacts, vehicles, and hardware to life. From the trenches of the Western Front to the skies over Europe, to the jungles of Vietnam, to the urban battlefields of Iraq, hear the stories of those who “lived it.”


Looking to Volunteer?

Volunteer vehicle driver.


The EFF is an all volunteer organization made up of an inclusive and diverse group of dedicated individuals from every walk of life and professional discipline. As we continue to grow, we are constantly seeking new talent to join our team.

Ready to join our ranks?