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Donate to the Eagle Field Foundation

The Eagle Field Foundation relies on the generosity of supporters around the world. Please consider supporting our continued restoration, preservation, and education efforts - all donations are tax deductible.

Financial Support

Every dollar donated to the Eagle Field Foundation goes right back into our restoration, preservation, and educational efforts. Financial support to the non-profit allows us to expand our educational efforts and bring new life to important artifacts, hardware, and vehicles. Your invaluable support keeps us moving forward. 


Help Us Grow Our Archives!

Have an artifact, historical item, uniform, or vehicle to donate? We'll give you a tax deductible receipt for any items donated to the foundation.

Preserve their Story.

We can help you preserve the story of a loved-one’s service through a donation to our foundation archives. By donating to our collection, we’ll preserve and utilize the artifacts for educational endeavors and include a story about your family member in our “Hero Stories” blog. These artifacts can help paint a better picture of their service and experience for generations to come. Send us a note and tell us what you'd like us to preserve in their honor.