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Exhibit Examples

The Foundation has a myriad of customizable exhibits both large and small to support nearly every event request. With a focus on education, our exhibits range from interactive military vehicle displays to historical encampments and artifact preservation to STEM and historical event programs. Here’s a small sampling of some of our exhibits from previous events.

LRDG Trucks

World War Two Long Range Desert Group - LRDG

A highly interactive and flexible exhibit focusing on the equipment, vehicles, and stories of the famed and widely celebrated Long Range Desert Group. Complete with original artifacts, field gear, and weapons, the LRDG exhibit helps each guest experience the war in the desert against Erwin Rommel's Afrika Korps.

LRDG Uniformed Volunteers
LRDG Display VolunteersLRDG Trucks and Jeep DisplayLRDG T-9
Vickers MG and LRDG Volunteers

M113A1 Armored Cavalry - ACAV

Originally built by FMC in San Jose, CA and finished in November of 1969, our fully restored M113A1 ACAV (Armored - Cavalry) is a popular hands-on exhibit. Representing an APC (Armored Personal Carrier) deployed to Vietnam with the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment (ACR), the “rolling” display opens up for guests to see America’s workhorse up close. Complete with original artifacts and equipment, the vehicle helps tells the narrative of those who served in Vietnam from 1965 to 1972. 

Volunteer M113 DriverM113 ACAVM113 Commanders TurretM548 and M113

World War One US Trench - 1917

A hands-on, narrative experience, the World War One trench and Dough Boy exhibit gave guests a first-hand look at life on the Western Front. After each guest was handed a helmet and equipment, they were sent down into the trench where they were taught about life at the front as well as the function of the trench design. Guests were guided by World War One reenactors as they survived a simulated gas attack before departing the Western Front. 

Looking for a specific exhibit?

We maintain a high-level of customizability and flexibility in our exhibit and education programs. If you're looking for a specific subject, environment, or exhibit for your event or program, chances are we can make it happen! Lean more about how you can work with us.