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A New Approach

We’re building a foundation with a new approach to interactive learning and preservation. Through our core principles of restoration, preservation, and education, we are sharing the stories behind the artifacts, vehicles, and hardware of veterans from World War One to the Present Day.

Our Philosophy.

For too long history has been stuck behind rope and glass in museums around the world. While great for protecting some rare and priceless artifacts, these dull, antiquated displays fail to provide the unique, interactive educational experiences students and guests are looking for.


The Eagle Field Foundation has developed a new approach. We call it “Hands-on-History.” Guests of all generations are provided with the opportunity to see, smell, hear, and touch the tools and artifacts that made history. A soldier’s helmet should be worn. A radio should be listened too.  The roar of a tank should be felt. History is best experienced, not just read about or seen behind rope and glass.

By creating an environment of engagement, guests can glean a new understanding of the experiences of those who served... past and present.

Our Exhibits

Our exhibits drive our educational and preservation efforts. Our flexible layouts can be customized to fit events and educational programs of every size. Check out a few examples of our previous exhibits.


"Oscar-Mike" - On the move!

The Eagle Field Foundation operates as a mobile museum. Throughout each year, the Volunteers of the EFF move vehicles, displays, artifacts, and equipment to dozens of events both large and small. From Veterans Day to parades, elegant automotive shows to memorial events and educational programs, our foundation assembles interactive displays, demonstrations, and living environments for guests to engage with. Our volunteer-educators bring history, engineering, and the personal stories of Veterans past and present to life for tens of thousands of people each year.

Mobile History

Interested in working with us?

We’re constantly in search of new opportunities to bring our expertise and education programs to events, schools, and companies throughout California and beyond.

Here are some of the ways we can work with you:

• Parades
• Memorials
• Veterans Events
• Community Outreach Programs
• STEM and Engineering Programs
• School and College Education Programs
• Scouting Programs
• Live Demonstrations
• Marketing and Live Events
• Entertainment and Gaming Advisory
• Motion Picture and Television
• Historical Research and Advisement
• Tactical Training and Support
• Historial Education Programs
• Hands-on vehicle engagement
‍• Team Building Camps
• Special Event Participation  

Veterans Day in San Jose, CA

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