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We're passionate about History...

We’re working hard to not only bring outstanding, unique hands-on exhibits, we’re also working to provide archival, educational, and historical resources -both physically and digitally - to students and historians. Here you’ll find “Hero Stories” - our blog dedicated to the stories of individuals who “lived it” - and our “History Blog” - articles about the people, places, and things that defined military history from 1900 to the Present Day. You’ll also find information on our collection and news about the the Foundation. At the bottom of the page, follow the link to our Archives section where you can chat with one of our historians or make a request from the foundation archives.

The Collection

Get an intimate look at some of the vehicles, artifacts, and hardware in our collection.


The Blogs

Through the continued restoration and preservation of military vehicles, hardware, and artifacts, it is the mission of the Eagle Field Foundation to preserve the stories and experiences of veterans for future generations.

Hero Stories

Read, hear, and experience the stories of those that “lived it” from World War One to the Present Day.

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History Blog

Check out and share articles on events, people, places, hardware, hardware and more from our historians.

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EFF News

News and updates about the Eagle Field Foundation, events, achievements and general updates.

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Archives, Collection, Documentation

We maintain an extensive archive of materials and artifacts from 1900 to the Present Day. Send us a request and we'll see how we can help get you the answer!